Spinal Home Care Testimonials

What our clients, carers and staff have said about us in our annual anonymous satisfaction surveys:

Client Testimonials

"You're great at retaining staff. I have a regular rota of living carers/PAs working with me which gives me confidence as they know my routines and this allows me to concentrate on being more independent."

"I cannot complain, the service is brilliant. Staff are very helpful and pleasant to talk to. I am well looked after by Spinal Homecare."

"You showed good flexibility when I called at short notice to ask for respite care."

"Most if not all of the service I receive is carried out well."

"You offer a receptive friendly service carers are generally lovely."

"Your Living Carers/PA are trained to a high standard."


Live-in Carer / PA Testimonials

"There is really good support to the carers and to the clients."

"Spinal Homecare do everything really well I feel really supported."

"There is good communication to carers whilst they are working on placement."

"I know who to turn to when I am unsure of something."

"I have felt fully supported over the past two years whilst working as a living carer. I know who to turn to if there is anything I need."

"The office staff are very polite, friendly and helpful, they are quick to respond to situation."

"I get reassurance knowing there is a 24/7 on-call service to ring should something happen."

"I like the communication between the company and the carers."

"Your website is very informative."

"I got a placement not long after finishing the training course."

"I really enjoy working for you. The work schedule fits for me, which gives me a really good work life balance."

"The clients have good days and bad days, the good days far outweigh the bad. I really like my job."


Training Course Feedback

"The course was very good, very clear, very helpful and delivered at a pace that suited the group"

"The training course was very good and easy to follow I particularly like the moving handling and the person centred approach"

"The theory sessions were very understandable and well explained by all the trainers. The sequence and contents of the course was very rich and well programmed and delivered at a pace that not only suited me but my colleagues on the course too"

"One aspect I particularly liked about the course was meeting a client and his live-in carer, and having a Q&A session with them."

"I really like the course handouts and booklets they were more than I expected. It's like having a guide to live in care in your hands."

"This was a career change for me and I absolutely love the training and I'm not just saying that."

"The training course provided me with a good mixture of theory and practical skills."

"I really enjoyed the fact that there are plenty of practicals and lots of handouts given to me."

"The theory sessions are really good and not a complete overload made more sense as the week went on everything started to fall into place"

"The trainers were brilliant they new their stuff. They were fun to be around and they broke the training down the bite-size trunks if they felt people were struggling."